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Building and strengthening communities through education and fun!

YetiCraft strives to lead by examples , fun projects, and games that welcome all participants – from all backgrounds.

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YetiCraft provides a few starting points for your adventure into technology and fun. Choose one that fits you, and see where it leads. 


Minetest is a free first person sandbox game that allows creative, survival, and educational play. It also allows an easy introduction to programming.


Raspberry Pis are the most well known and used single board computers (SBCs) on the planet. YeticCraft continually looks for new ways to use them. 


Containerization has changed the way the world uses and develops for computing. YetiCraft finds ways to easily enter into the “new” without getting lost.

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What are the latest goings on? News, updates, musings, and all the bits that make up our days.

First off this was supper easy and took less then 10min., with docker and Portainer already installed. That said I made a few mistakes early on, notably when mapping the config volume I accidentally set the location to a dir that did not exits and was on the root of my file system.
Recently, I read a forum article that directed me to the works of David00 over the use of a Raspberry Pi for power monitoring. Now, since I am looking into upgrading my home to use solar power (and not being new to this process of conversion) […]
The Erghos Minetest server will be migrating and upgrading over the next few days.

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